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    Just a Little Different

    Keen observers may notice a few changes to this site. For one, I retired the liminal-state.com domain and migrated everything over to the brianekdale.com domain. In the process, the URLs got a little wacky and the comments look a bit different. I converted all of the Facebook comments to WordPress comments (it seemed awkward to have two different kinds) and blah blah blah, technical stuff you probably don’t care about. Anyway, if you notice anything particularly off about the site, please let me know so I can make sure and fix it. Thanks!

  • Conferences

    In Defense of Poster Sessions

    I recently returned from the AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication) conference in Denver. This was my fourth year at AEJ, and I have to say it is always a great time, academically and socially. But I don’t want to babble on and on about the conference itself. I do want to write about why I love poster sessions (also known as “Scholar-to-Scholar” sessions). If you don’t know what a poster session is, here’s the deal. Some big academic conferences offer panel presentations and poster sessions. At the panel presentations, you get 3-5 people who each give a 10-15 minute formal presentation of their research. After this,…