• Academic

    I Know Smart People, Part 1

    It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that I know a lot of smart and talented people. While that doesn’t mean that I am either, I’ve decided to start promoting them on my blog so others can know about their smartness and talentedness. (See, I’m not so smart.) My friend (and co-author in a forthcoming book chapter) Paul Booth, assistant professor of new media and technology at Depaul University in Chicago, was just on a panel for Chicago’s PBS station talking about Facebook Privacy. He’s smart. And apparently he likes the Jonas Brothers a lot.

  • Kenya

    One Goal, One Hope

    I’m posting the video “One Goal, One Hope” directed by Jeff Mohammed. Jeff is a member of Mwelu Foundation and one of the youth I’ve been working with in Mathare. While I’m listed as a producer, basically I was the provider of equipment, carrier of bags, and teacher of Final Cut, and nothing more. This is truly the product of much hard work by Jeff, Maina, Maxwell, and Rodgers (I hope I’m not forgetting anyone) and the guidance of Julius. Oh yeah, Jeff turned 18 a week after the documentary was finished. And this was his first time directing and editing any video projects.