New article in Information, Communication & Society

Information, Communication & Society just published an article I co-authored with Kjerstin Thorson, Porismita Borah, Kang Namkoong, and Chirag Shah, titled “Youtube and Proposition 8: A case study in video activism.” Here’s the abstract: The present study uses California’s Proposition…

The Temmy’s Challenge

As anyone who’s ever lived with me knows, I love cereal. When I was younger, I would eat 3 bowls every morning, and sometimes top that off with a Carnation Instant Breakfast. Now that I’m older (and my metabolism isn’t quite what it used to be), I try to keep myself to a 1 to 1.5 bowl-a-day limit. Still, if I don’t eat a little cereal in the morning, I feel a bit off for most of the day. I’m weird, I know.

In Kenya, I’ve found myself gravitating to Temmy’s brand cereal. For one, it’s much cheaper than the rest of the cereal at Nakumatt, especially the imports. But I also get a kick of how close the flavors are to ones from the U.S. So, I just did a little bit of research into Temmy’s and found that they are made by an Egyptian food manufacturer called Mass Food. Appealing name, right?

Now, I’ve decided that I’m going to try to eat as many different Temmy’s cereals as I can before I leave Kenya in July. After the jump is the list of ones I’ve had so far, and I will continue to update this post as I add more cereals to my diet: