Nairobi Links

It’s my last week in Nairobi, and it’s been a great two months. I really look forward to coming back in December and settling into Nairobi life for 6-7 months while doing my dissertation research. But before I go, I just wanted to send a few digital shout-outs to sites, orgs, and people you should make sure and check out.

  • Mwelu Foundation – A photography and film project with Mathare youth. I’m hoping to spend more time with these guys (and girls) when I return.
  • Nairobi Stories – I met Jeff when visiting Mwelu and was really impressed by his desire to be a journalist. He uses this blog to write stories, post pictures, etc.
  • Togetherness Supreme Blog – All the latest happenings at Hot Sun: visitors, status on the feature film, Togetherness Supreme, etc.
  • Nairobi Now – If you’re spending some time in Nairobi, you’ll love this blog. It posts weekly updates of events, plays, readings, etc. happening in the Nairobi area. When I was bored on a Friday night, this is where I looked first.

Article in Africa Today

An article I co-authored with Jo Ellen Fair, Melissa Tully and Rabiu Asante was just published in Africa Today, an interdisciplinary journal of African Studies. The article, titled “Crafting lifestyles in urban Africa: Young Ghanaians in the world of online friendship” examines young, urban Ghanaians who use the internet to form relationships. Here’s the abstract:

The Internet in Africa has generated a lively debate in the popular press and among commentators about what its growth will mean for Africa and its people. Through in-depth interviews and observations, we consider one aspect of Internet practice in Africa: how use of the Internet for making friends and dating allows young, urban Ghanaians to craft lifestyles, incorporating globally circulating cultural and symbolic forms into their identities. We suggest that when young, urban Ghanaians go online to meet, chat, and form relationships with strangers near and far, they are devising, testing out, and sharing sensibilities; they are bringing situation, mood, and new knowledge to bear on the self or selves that they are exploring and tentatively projecting.